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Your Dependable Executive Human Resource Recruiter

Human Resources forms the absolute integral building blocks of any business. With the ever-changing business world, as well as the increasing demands on any organisations personnel, it is no surprise that in the Human Resource sector, demand for talent is high.

As a result, vacancies within H.R. are thriving and, over the coming years, Human Resource positions will not only becoming an exciting career choice,  due to their challenging and diverse nature make them an extremely competitive environment in which to recruit the best talent. That is where Blue Juice Executive as your recruitment partner steps in. 

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Recruiting the top tier of HR personnel from Chief People Officer (CPO) to Director of people for your business is a critical appointment for any corporate company. H.R. forms the absolute integral building blocks of any business, therefore recruiting the right H.R. individual for your business, we ensure you are both the right fit for your business, your culture, your future goals and success. 

This service is one of Blue Juice Executive most popular projects. Like many clients, you will be looking for a suitable professional Human Resource Director or Partner for your business and for your specific circumstances. This is where our experience and matchmaking expertise comes in.

Whether you are recruiting interim or permanent Blue Juice Executives job as your recruiter partner is to source and recruit someone who will fit right in and hit the ground running. Contact us for more information about this totally a bespoke service. 


Specialising in H.R. I work with quite a number of clients who prefer to work one-to-one and with a trusted partner who understands them and their business.

CPO, Director, Head of HR, HR Manager, HRBP or Change Management roles at all levels  -  No matter what I do for you, I’m committed to delivering satisfactory results in a timely and professional manner. For details of the roles Blue Juice Executive specialise in.

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Contact us today for more details about the service Blue Juice Executive offers.

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